Edge Activities for Life and Health Science students

I am offering three edge activities this year suitable for students from the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences at Ulster. If you want to take part in any of them you need to register for the Edge Award here and then complete the contact form at the end of this post identifying which activity you are interested in.

Developing Digital Literacy

Outline of Activity:

The ability to use appropriate technologies for communication and collaboration, information management, learning, scholarship and professional practice is critical for “living, learning and working in a digital society” (JISC). In this activity you will get the opportunity to evaluate your own digital literacy: what are your current skills and competencies? It will also be an opportunity to reflect on your own digital identity. Following an initial workshop in which we will explore what is meant by digital literacy, the activity will be managed through an on-line portfolio, where you will be supported in developing and evaluating the digital skills and competencies that are important to your personal and professional development.

Developing job application and interview skills

Outline of Activity:

Having identified a specific job or job profile of interest to you; this activity will support you in researching the post, industry or sector, evidencing your skills in either a CV or a job application, and developing your interview technique. The activity will also develop your ICT and digital literacy skills as you use technology to record and share information.

Science and Ethics: Debates and Dilemmas

Outline of Activity:

The Science and Ethics project will encourage you to consider the issues raised by scientific advances. Topical issues will be selected from mainstream media, for example: genetically modified animals and crops, fracking, and euthanasia, or you can suggest your own topic.

You will be expected to attend a workshop which will include informal discussion on the issues raised, followed by activities which will help you to formalise and evidence your arguments.

There are two options for this activity:

1. Debate participation: Have you ever listened to a speech that made you change your mind on a topic? This activity will help you develop and deliver persuasive arguments. Using resources provided through Blackboard Learn (BBL), you will work in a team to develop evidenced based arguments. The activity will conclude with a formal debate between two teams, presenting and opposing a motion.

2. School support: A similar project is being developed with year 12-14 pupils. If you elect to take this option you will be expected to help in one or more of the following activities:

  • a workshop for pupils (similar to the one detailed above)
  • mentoring pupils as they prepare for a debate
  • provide feedback on pupil essays

More information on the Schools project is available here

To register for any of these activities please complete the following form:


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