BYOD4L January 2015

@JoWren #nhschangeday

@JoWren #nhschangeday

The Collaborative Open Online Course, Bring Your Own Device for Learning (BYOD4L) will be offered again during the week of 12-16 of January 2015. I will be facilitating the course with friends and colleagues across Northern Ireland in both the HE and FE sector.

On each day of the one week course we  use a scenarios in a problem-based learning approach to discuss one of the ‘ five  Cs’:

  • Connecting
  • Communicating
  • Curating
  • Collaborating
  • Creating

A short video  overview of my insight into the benefits of this course is provided here.

All of the resources are available online at the main BYOD site. The course will be mainly run online, but we hope to have at least one face-to-face meeting. As we will be located all over the Provence, we can also set up a ‘Study Buddy’ system, where you can find someone in your own institution to discuss the scenarios/ the course or the price of coffee!

The main commitment is to take part in the TweetChats which take place each evening of the course at 20:00. These provide the chance to share views with colleagues from different disciplines across the UK and further afield.

Please complete this  form with initial expressions of interest and to be kept informed of local events.


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