BYOD4L Workshop at the CHERP 4th Annual Conference

Space Meets Pedagogy: Shaping Active and Collaborative Learning Environments at Ulster

The following workshop will be delivered as part of the 4th Annual Conference  on the 22nd January. Register here to attend the conference.

Bring your own Device for Learning: Using Smart technology to transform learning spaces

Smart technology is transforming the way we engage with people and information.  Smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are ubiquitous, with over 90% ownership regularly reported in studies with UK students. Such devices are causing a paradigm shift in the way we communicate, access information and exchange ideas. Their potential for transforming the learning space has been recognised, with several studies reporting enhanced student motivation and engagement, through the delivery of authentic learning activities and empowering students to take control of their own learning. However, the growing array of tools available for learning and teaching can present challenges for staff and students; it is critical to ensure that the use of technology is integrated within curriculum design and supports the delivery of learning outcomes.

This session will provide interactive examples which will illustrate the potential of mobile devices to facilitate collaborative and constructive learning, develop personal learning networks, demonstrate practical skills or procedures and provide real-time feedback.

It has been recognised that there is a gap between having the ability to use a particular device or software application and its effective use in learning or teaching. Participants will be encouraged to consider how the digital literacies, that is the skills, competencies and attributes that are essential for graduate employability, can be developed through embedding digital technology in the classroom.

Using cue cards based on Blooms taxonomy, participants will work in groups to select a learning objective and identify how mobile technology could be used to transform the activity. Participants will be encouraged to use their mobile devices to share ideas and to collaborate within and between groups to construct creative solutions.

Workshop Activities 

Answer Garden:

Click on the following link to add your first thoughts on what the benefits and barriers are to using mobile technology to create learning spaces:

What are the benefits of using mobile devices in Learning and Teaching?

What are the barriers to using mobile devices in Learning and Teaching?

We will use your answers to promote debate at the workshop.


Post a picture of your perfect learning space – this could  be your own learning space, something you found online, or a fantasy workspace.


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