The development and evaluation of an open education resource (OER) for the delivery of bioethics on bioscience programmes

A  number of bioscience and biomedical science programme teams across the UK  have been collaborating  with  David Hunter (Associate Professor in Bioethics, Flinders University) in the development of an interactive open educational resource (OER), for the delivery of bioethics, through an international fellowship supported by the Heads of University Centres of Biomedical Sciences. The resource includes video clips illustrating key philosophical concepts, case studies explored through differing stakeholder perspectives, and quizzes. A powerpoint presentation providing an overview of the resource is available

The OER has been developed on the. Xerte, open source platform and can be accessed by learners on all devices. It is open for reuse and / or repurposing by partners and the wider HUCBMS community to meet individual programme needs. There are five short units in the resource:

There are five short units within the resource:
Unit 1:Why do life scientists need to study bioethics?

Unit 2:Bioethical reasoning: The activities and information in this unit will provide the underpinning theory about ethical principals
Unit 3: Professional practice for Bioscientists
Unit 4: Ethical research in the life and health sciences</li>
Unit 5:Ethical issues arising from current advances in the life & health sciences
It is advisable to look at Units 1  and 2 first. The principals explored in these units can then be applied to any of the examples in Units 3,4 and 5.

If you use this resource with your students we would appreciate it if you could complete a short evaluation.


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