The (Student) Voice

Capturing the Student Voice

  • This tool uses AnswerGraden to capture the student voice on a range of issues and topics in Higher Education.
  • Each AnswerGarden is open for a week and input invited  via social media
  • The final word cloud is captured after a week and shared on a blog
  • The resource can be used by instituions to inform policies and practices, and adopted and adapted by instituions/ departments and individuals

This weeks Questions

Developing policy or practice in this area? have a look at these student views:


What question would you like to ask the student community?

Post questions to the comments section and we will create a new


2 thoughts on “The (Student) Voice

  1. Thank you.
    Working on SocMedHE16 I was surprised and delighted by the number of different responses we received to the “key-not” – in terms of the quality of the resources produced in such a short amount of time, and the number of different approaches and tools.
    Now I’m trying to pull some of these together to create a resource that will be useful in the future.

    • I invited the speakers from Southampton University (‏@tomjdavidson) to ‘adopt and adapt’ this idea through their student blog, as it needs to be shared by students to be useful.

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