Teacher Scenario

“I have difficulty persuading some of my students to access and use the online resources I share with them. It is a shame that students seem to see these as additional tasks, for which they don’t have time. They seem to be very strategic in their approach and only focus on the assessment.”

Reflection and Link to my Practice

I curate and share topical articles discussing issues which raise bioethical issues with my students using Scoop-it.  Similar to the scenario presented, I am not sure how much the students engage with these articles; they are certainly not prepared to comment on them. This year I am experimenting with a new approach, which is to get the students to search for and curate the articles that are of interest to them. I have set up a closed community within Google +. I chose a closed community in Google+ as I think the students may be more confident about sharing resources and reflections in a ‘closed’ space.  This is the first time I have used Google+ in this way, and would welcome comments from others about using this resource or if they have any other suggestions.


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