HEA Digital Literacies in the Disciplines Project at University of Ulster

Project Overview

The HEA Digital Literacies in the Disciplines project is a series of mini-projects that aim to encourage the development of digital literacies among staff and students in their disciplines.

The Schoolof Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ulster is developing a re-usable open educational resource (OER) which will support students in preparing for careers in the health or life science sectors through embedding tasks that prompt evaluation and development of personal digital literacy. A short presentation on the project is available here: Project

The OER takes students through the job application process:

  • Analysing job advertisements
  • Researching the role, the company and the sector
  • Using digital resources to reflect on personal skills and competences
  • Completing job application documentation
  • Participating in mock interviews

Digital Literacies
The project will focus on developing and evaluating the following digital competencies / literacies:

  • ICT: Information gathering, evaluation and sharing; critical analysis of online information
  • ePortfolio / blogs / PDP: to support reflection, planning and self-presentation and provide an opportunity for students to compare their different affordances and personal preferences
  • Digital Identities: Promote awareness of on-line presence and its impact on reputation
  • Managing public–private boundaries in online social spaces
  • Production of podcasts and / or other media-rich content
  • Creation and / or adaptation of an Open Educational Resource

Employability Skills
In building  and using the OER students will be given the opportunity to develop the following employability skills:

  • Critical review of personal digital competence
  • Self-assessment
  • Peer-assessment
  • Identifying and evidencing personal skills
  • Developing and applying assessment criteria
  • Interpreting job advertisements
  • CV preparation
  • Interview techniques

This work is still in development. Current status and project outputs including access to the resource are available here:


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