Developing a Digital Identity for Employability

In the first step of this activity, students ‘googled’ themselves; they submited their names into a search engine, and evaluated the results according to the following questions:
o Is there evidence of antisocial behaviour?
o Is there evidence of unprofessional behaviour?
o Is there evidence of engagement with subject area?
It was helpful for them to share the results in pairs, to reflect on each other’s profiles.

In subsequent weeks, students were supported in the development of a professional digital identity. Activities included the development of profiles on professional sites such as Linked In and Research Gate. Students were introduced to the top 5 Social Networks, and an overview of how to use them:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinekdIn
  • Google+

The steps in this exercise are now embedded within the Open Educational Resource. This was one topic where Xerte may not be the best platform to use; however the framework for the activity was put into Xerte as well as the background information and examples of good and poor practice in social networks. Students hen come out of xerte to develop the digital identity.


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