Project Outputs

Developing Digital Literacies Open Educational Resource (OER)
The OER contains the following areas:

  • Developing Digital Literacy for Learning and Employability
  • Digital Literacy Frameworks
  • Digital Identity
  • Career choices for Life and Health Science Students

The OER is available here
Whilst the main part of this project, supported by the HEA has come to an end, we will continue to add to the resource, and are interested in the views of users (staff and students). There is a brief survey available here:

Or please feel free to provide your comments on this blog.

The students involved in developing this resource delivered a Pecha Kucha presentation at the HEASTEM event in Edinburgh in May, 2014. The slides are available here:

Pecha Kucha slides presentation

An augmented reality poster was presented at the HEA Annual conference in July, 2014. The poster contains audio clips giving student perspectives which can be viewed/ heard using the Aurasma app.

OER Poster
The Aurasma ap can be downloaded for free on apple devices, follow channel kayhack to view content.

Going forward

The OER will be evaluated and refined following further input from current undergraduate students at Ulster. We are interested in your feedback, please use the comment section on this blog if there is any other content you think could be added to this OER.


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