Student Engagement

This week we held a lunch-time session with students interested in contributing to the Digital Literacy in the Disciplines project at the University of Ulster. Seven postgraduate students studying in the Faculty of Life and Health Science at Ulster came along to the meeting, and were all keen to engage with the project.
Reasons for wanting to engage with the project, include:
Photo 08-10-2013 13 00 13 (1)

Photo 08-10-2013 13 00 02 (1)

it is an area that I would like to increase my own knowledge in and then help others do the same. I think it will be a great learning experience and also a good chance to develop my team working abilities.”

“I would like to be involved in the project because I don’t have enough skills in employability, and I feel I can definitely develop it through Digital literacy project. Moreover as I am overseas student, this is all completely new for me, I would certainly learn something from such a challenging activity.”

Photo 08-10-2013 13 00 23

“I’d like to be involved in the project because I think it will help to develop my communication skills and it would be good to add to my CV. I’ve also worked in IT, have undertaken a few group projects before and together with my knowledge of Biotechnology I feel I could be of some benefit.”

Currently we are focusing on using tools and models to evaluate personal digital competency and skills and relating them to learning and employability. Current challenges are striking a balance between directing students towards the original objectives of the resource without being too prescriptive or dictatorial, plus scoping the project so that a usable resource can be developed within the time frame of the project.


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