The Great North Run Challenge

Free the Castleroe Two

Free the Castleroe Two

These trainers have been doing a lot of miles lately…. but sadly they have mostly been in a suitcase. I volunteered to take part in the Great North Run to raise money for the Boom Foundation,  and to motivate me to get back out pounding the streets.

The Boom Foundation is a small but dynamic charity supporting people affected by sarcoma in Northern Ireland. It was set up in memory of Philip Wilson, who lost his life to sarcoma (bone and soft tissue cancer) in 2013.

You can help set these trainer’s free by donating to the Boom Foundation .

Payment by Results

My personal best for a half marathon (the distance of The Great North Run) is 1:43, but that was alooooong while ago.My most recent half marathon  was almost 2 years ago when  I finished in just over 2 hours.  I am aiming to do this one in sub 1:50.  To help me achieve this I am looking for people willing to sponsor me  £1  for every minute I run under 2 hours- that is, if I reach my target of 1:50 you will have pledged £10. If you are interested then please comment on this post, or message me.

Run along with me

I will post my running programme on this page after 11th May. Happy to have running buddies along in York or Portrush.

New to or Returning to Running?

If you would like to start running, I am happy to take a beginners run session when I am in York. Dates and times can be organised to suit.  A donation to the Boom Foundation would be appreciated, but not mandatory. If you are interested then please comment on this post, or message me.


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